I contacted Kathryn for my 12 year old daughter who was going through a difficult time and who needed a technic to calm down during tricky moments. Kathryn was able very quickly to create a trust bond with her, although my daughter is not native english speaker and is very shy. I saw her come out of her first session with a smile and with a light heart for the first time in long weeks. In only four sessions, Kathryn has given my daughter various technics of breathing and of meditation that she can now apply in her daily life. She continues to meditate almost every day, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes, and has learned that this is a place of peace were she can go back at any time.

I  highly recommend the warm hearted and professional Kathryn for making meditation accessible to every one, even to a pre-teen!

From the mum of one very special teenage girl, Dubai UAE 2018

Kathryn introduced meditation to me through her 4 week course at Nilaya House. I had always struggled to find the time, find the focus and find the confidence to meditate.  Was I doing it right? Why did my mind wander so quickly? Why did my legs start aching? I had tried many apps and websites but nothing seemed to work. Kathryn was warm, informative, encouraging and shared her experience and knowledge of meditation, allowing me to explore different ways to calm my mind and body.   It was a very positive experience and after 4 weeks with Kathryn I feel very grateful to have had the chance to work with her. She never made it feel like there was a right or a wrong way and, with that relaxed approach, I have found it very easy to make meditation part of my life.

From Margaret a Yoga Teacher and Meditation student in Dubai UAE

Thank you for the lovely workshop at Nilaya house, I had been trying to meditate on my own for a long time but always made excuses. Ever since you taught us the right technique of posture, breath work and acceptance of thoughts I have had a steady daily practice and my daughter joins me in the practice too (although just for a short while). Thank you for the lovely booklet and the informative links you sent.

From Rachael a Yoga Teacher and Corporate Girl in Dubai UAE